Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Whilst camping at St David's we ventured a little further along the coast to Fishguard. Roads in this part of South Wales are somewhat 'less' than roads in more densely populated areas. Trunk roads are more like secondary roads elsewhere and secondary  roads more like lanes. By the time one is travelling on a minor (yellow road), hedgerows are brushing both sides of the van and nerves are stretched studying the road ahead, for tractors etc./passing places. So when road signs said 'road ahead unsuitable for long vehicles' panic set in. Seeing some fairly large vans coming the other way, we decided to risk it. We were rewarded by the opportunity to eat our picnic beside the old harbour, with these views to gaze at:


Looking again at the sunset photo from yesterday, I was prompted to search back through our photo collection for others. The following brooch is intended to be the first in a series. A miniature woven tapestry, it is also the first I have made using this technique.