Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Work in Progress - Inchies Pendant

I'll try and keep this brief each day so as not to become too tedious

Starting materials - I actually do this on the ironing board, since it is heat set, hence folded cereal packet to protect the cover from stray paint.

I draw the deign bit at a time. Then 'paint over' with water, heat set by ironing, then draw the next part. The colours bleed really quickly. This amount of decoration at a time allows me to halt the process and fix the design before it all blurs into one!!

Finished painting and next steps in my next blog.


  1. Oh! Neocolours! They're already at the top of my list - can I move them any higher now I know I can heatset them on fabric??? Tippity-Top!

    Love the work in progress so far. Don't worry about being tedious - I'm all ears(eyes), and I bet I'm not the only one :-)

    And, oh yes, a (stupid?) question - did you cover the fabric before ironing it? Thinking of crayon on iron etc.

  2. Hi Sam
    They do heat set - obviously my jewellery isn't intended to be washable - not sure how well that would go. I do sandwich the fabric between two layers of baking parchment - should have said that. Although, once the design has been 'painted' over with water the effect is far more like acrylic paint on fabric than like wax crayon as such. I've not yet tried heat setting the crayon design without diluting with water - don't know if that would 'melt' like wax. I'll try a piece later and let you know.