Friday, 13 August 2010

Collaboration and Folksy Friday No. 21

Some of you may know, from the Folksy Forum, that Amy (of Amyorangejuice) and I are undertaking a collaborative project. The idea began months ago when I wrote a blog post about finding inspiration for patchwork and applique amongst stained glass and mosaic designs. I featured some of Amy's work, which I have long admired and commented that there are many similarities in designs which are suitable for both textiles and mixed media. Amy agreed with me and suggested this project.

If you would like to follow progress during this week this is the thread:

Amy has chosen to interpret this design of mine in stained glass:

and I am really looking forward to producing a brooch in applique and embroidery based on this wonderful piece of Amy's

I have made a start - OK there's a long way to go but school holidays are busy times! I have assembled this collection of materials for my light house.

- Blue brushed/fleece type fabric for the background - don't worry this won't show.
- Selection of scraps of my felt and various yarns for the sea and sky.
- Green small-print fabrics for the cliff top.
- Brown small-print fabric for the path (a 'shaded' print - I'm hoping to cut carefully to suggest perspective)
- At the moment the lighthouse is white commercial felt/red&yellow embroidery cotton - this might change)

Hopefully will stitch the sea and sky later today and post a pic 


Folksy Friday No 21 - Shades of Autumn

I have listed a couple of items in Autumn shades recently and this inspired me to make these choices which I hope you like. Click on any image to view the item in its Folksy shop.

The Whimsical Wren An Eye for Nature Emlett Arts & Crafts
Made by Loulabelle Susan Green Boooks

The Whimsical Wren
An Eye for Nature
Emlett Arts & Crafts
Made by Loulabelle
Susan Green Boooks


  1. As I said on Amy's blog, I like both your work, so this is a match made in heaven. I'm very interested in the process and the finished result. Should be fabulous!

    Lovely Folksy Friday picks - wonderful colours on the hat :-)

    Sam x (A Simple Melody)

  2. Thank you for featuring my Autumn bracelet. Great Autumnal picks. Have a great weekend x

  3. Love the Autumn selection, great colours.