Friday, 11 May 2012

Midnight Oil.....

..... was burned, school shirts weren't ironed, tea was nothing special, there are wisps of fibre and fluff everywhere, but I think the result is worth it:

I was enjoying creating the textures and colours required for woodland scenes and I have several pieces based on bluebell designs which need finishing. I wanted to create something larger and, hopefully, more eye-catching. I will, eventually, work out how to scale up the woodland details - for the moment chunkier trunks and branches are proving a challenge. I was more comfortable with enlarging the meadow design. A larger area has been decorated by stitching 'more meadow' - taking in a wider view, and also by slightly enlarging the scale - easily done in this case by using all six strands of embroidery thread rather then just three etc. I think it has worked very well and I love this bag - a simple structure but intricately decorated. I was still stitching at 12.30 am and was back at work at 8.45 am. This was something I needed to 'finish in one go' rather than put to one side and get out time and again - or I might never have got to the end.

Seen in the round:

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