Thursday, 3 May 2012

Waste not ......

I had only just finished posting some more photos to Lynwoodcrafts' Facebook page, when my inbox pinged to say someone had left a lovely comment about one of my featured embroidered cuffs, and then pinged again to say that  it had been sold. I love to stitch cuffs - the size is just about right for incorporating more detail than is possible in brooches.

So, having created even more chaos by seeking out these ( really should have put yesterday's cotton threads etc away first!!):

hand-dyed tops from the lovely wool shop at Much Wenlock, silk (and other) fibres from Trefiw Woolen Mill and most importantly a pile of scraps and snippets carefully saved from all other projects - armed with  my embellisher machine I have produced this:

The key to this project really is the horde of snippets. I have many (many, many...) balls of yarn and could snip lengths from them, but I would have to seek them out and (possibly!)- put them away afterwards. This snippet bucket is my inspiration. Slightly teased out at the ends and felted onto the cuff in short lengths - these form the basis of a richly varied flower meadow. Yarns which I might not consider from the ball, present all sorts of possibilities - particularly those which blend from one colour to another. I have started to 'stabilise' the felt with background stitching:

If time permits, the finished item will be listed at Etsy later today. Watch my facebook page for updates!

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