Monday, 28 May 2012

My 'New Studio' AKA our Garden

I took various photos of the growing veg plots and flowers, fruit and veg in the greenhouses a week or so ago and didn't get around to posting them. So a quick catchup session is in order.

 These nasturtiums look a little 'leggy' - they need to be planted out I think. I have included them in the 'edible' section since we love the leaves on salad - have not been brave enough to try the flowers yet. However, the chives - seen in full flower, do make a lovely and pretty addition to salads. We should have some borage somewhere too!

And then to the baskets and pots - now outside ( a week after the photos were taken). It will be no surprise to people who know my embroidery to hear that I love daisies ( and all flowers that look 'like daisies') - so they feature fairly prominently. Will do a 'daisy feature' soon - when all are in flower.


Inspired by, stitched in, and photographed in, the garden - now listed at Folksy:

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