Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Buried Treasure

Just a short note today.My fingers are twitching to do some craftwork - way too much typing over the last few days.

Does anyone else have trouble with the storage and retrieval of materials. I was playing aruound with some miniature versions of my knitted flowers last night. Fine 2 ply yarn size 14 ( in old money) needles etc. My anemonies are crocheted. Should use cotton thread for these. Found bag, some colours that might do but I'd really like... Back nooks and crannies of memory start to recall some very small balls, bought at an exhibition, with shades of purple. Frantic rummage through all visible tins. Conservatory floor strewn with contents. No threads! I am desperately trying to hang on to the image of the thread, trying to associate it with previous work in order to get a clue to its whereabouts. Tidying up would break the train of thought!

Vague impressions start to surface of a small, brightly coloured tin. Suddenly clarity! I can picture the tin on its shelf. Picture of the shelf comes into focus - wrong room, rush upstairs. Hurl stuff off shelves onto spare bed. Found it! It does contain treasure. The missing threads, together with some coordinating lace trimmings and beads and two crochet hooks. Why that collection was stored together, what project I had in mind, what occasion they had accompanied me on (trip to doctor's waiting room, holiday?)- I have no idea.

One thing I do know those miniature flowers are beckoning me. I don't want to be writing, in a year or so's time about the strange collection of threads and yarns found in another bag - with no tangible evidence of a completed project. Unfortunately, I also have rather a lot of tidying up to do! (Pictorial evidence of finished flowers will be posted - if they turn out as I hope)


Finished! Hope you like them. Got to go - house a mess!

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