Thursday, 4 March 2010


Not an occupation this time - more of a pastime.

My time management needs to improve. I have always 'multi-tasked' - knitting, whilst 'watching' TV, and looking over son's homework - for example. However, even this three-layer approach to getting things done seems inadequate at present. I sleep, by intention for about seven and a half hours a night. Yesterday evening, at about 11 ish, I was still knitting, TV on in the background. I was attempting another miniature poppy. Quite why I thought I needed a button-hole part way along the row, I really have no idea. My husband gave me a nudge thinking I'd fallen asleep. I think, at the point at which I made the decision to form a button-hole, I must have been asleep. Sadly, I think I was more or less awake as I constructed it - it really was very neat. I would prefer to think that it was entirely possible to knit during the hours of sleep, to a pre-determined plan - formed whilst awake. Just think how many more items I could pack into each week!

Exactly how anyone finds the time for 'geyser-gazing' defeats me. A one-off, tourist-type excursion maybe, but some of these folks were regulars! Admittedly the stream of water droplets cascading through the hot sunshine is spectacular - but what if you are mid-button-hole and miss it. I really can't imagine sitting there for hours at a time without something productive to do. Apparently, the actual occupation that goes hand-in-hand with this pastime, or at least one task in the ranger's job description, is that of geyser un-blocking. It seems the preferred activity for mindless hooligans in that environment, is to throw rocks into the geyser . This has dangerous consequences when it does spout!

Geyser-blocking hooligans, geyser un-blocking rangers and geyser gazers - it could only be Yellowstone Park! ( BBC 2 -I think! about 7pm - missed the beginning - Wednesday)

Meanwhile - back to the miniature poppies - minus button-holes!


Hope you like them!


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  1. :) It all looks so excellent! Your banner, your photos, your work ... really well done. I'm so pleased to be following now. And thats a gorgeous poppy.

    I saw a bit of the program about gazers - they get excited about them like I do about fireworks ... ha .. not sure if I'd ever have the patience for it.