Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Imaginary Villages

When I was a child, there were a number of little lands in our imaginations, or at least partially, they were also partially sketched out by authors and, sometimes television. There was, obviously, Toytown, with Noddy; Narnia; Littletown (Beatrix Potter's home for Mrs Tiggiwinkle); Chigley and Trumpton on TV. There was also a more obscure one in a woman's magazine, I can't remember the name of the village, but Rowena and Rowly robin lived there!

My children loved the Brambly Hedge series - the detail in the stories and illustrations was superb. I have some soft toy patterns christened 'Blackberry Hollow' - I'm not sure if that originated from a narrative.

I am, gradually,  formulating an identity for my series of whimsical buildings and places brooches. I don't plan to populate the 'village' with characters, much better that your own imagination does that, nor do I intend to say where it is exactly. However, I do have some village events and celebrations in mind, and possibly a map or 'street' plan.

As my grandmother used to say 'Little things please little minds'. I have always been interested in miniature items and models and, together with my tiny landscapes on brooches and my small knitted flower brooches, these are starting to form a theme for my shop. Strange how things evolve.


My bluebell wood brooch has decided to leave me for a new home today! Its place on the shelf has been taken by this tiny watering can and rosebush:




  1. These tiny worlds are gorgeous. I always loved going to model villages!

  2. I love your new brooches, especially the one with the little lamb - too cute! Thanks also for giving my buttons a mention - glad you are able to use them!

  3. they are lovely, especially the bluebell wood,
    pam x

  4. My boyfriend and I made this world called Halibuvalley together. ^_^ Its my happy thought. I drew pictures of it on my wall.

  5. What lovley brooches. I especially love the watering can and roses. :)

  6. I love your brooches, they are so original and very dainty - you have the patience of a saint! I think the windmill one is my favourite so far. Elaine