Monday, 22 March 2010

Planning Consent Needed?

There have been a number of posts on Folksy recently about where makers get inspiration, which are their favourite makes, which makes are they most proud of and similar. I was chatting with my husband about the impression we build up of fellow craftworkers from their answers. It was interesting that he didn't see things in exactly the same way as me - but then what's new in that?

I was also saying that I would avoid using family photos on my blog or shop. My children have certainly not asked to be featured and I'm sure my stuff is not 'cool'. People who know me well would recognise me from my blog but I'm afraid the rest of you are left guessing. I have also found it a bit unnerving recently to find pics of people whom I have 'met' on-line and formed a mental picture of. As you can tell I am a not a big fan of facebook - something which I might have to overcome.

So how do we form these images of other Folksters? Quality of work, general good manners and helpfulness on the forum, price (of work I mean!), attitude to promotion ( we all need to do it - I hope I don't over do it), number of favourited items, number of people 'favouriting' shop, followers and comments on blogs etc, content of blogs, feedback from transactions, profile..... I am OK with myself about most of these - some I would like to improve or maybe update as my shop evolves. The one criteria which does tend to bother me, and goodness only knows where I stand, is the 'whatever possessed her to make that?' query.

In my defense, I would say that I have always been interested in 'miniature' items and the observations that give detail to scenes or models, beyond that I think I just have a strange imagination. My husband is a bit bemused by my latest offerings. They are certainly different and seem to be generating interest. Now I am registered with HMRC and keep necessary paperwork - the planning office might be my next hurdle. I have an entire community planned!


I thought I'd like to see the first four together.


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  1. Husbands can be so supportive sometimes can't they?!!!

    I think they look cute. It's hard to know what other people will be interested in buying, and even harder to come up with something original, but I'm sure you know the market better than hubby does ;)