Monday, 10 May 2010

Evolution of Exhibits

I love to make things which I think are distinctive and I hope beautiful. I tend to get the biggest 'buzz' when I finish one of my embroideries - probably the closest I shall ever get to grown-up art work.

My embroidered brooches are proving quite popular, but I realise that not everyone is a brooch person. My scarves are quite unusual, but I have a seasonal problem at present! In trying to decide what to make next, and in attempt to structure the time which I spend on producing for Folksy, I have been trying to analyse my current stock and sales. I use the term analyse loosely. I dimly remember from my days in market analysis, that certain minimum volumes are required for statistical validity!

My main 'processes' are - patchwork, applique, knitting, crochet, felting, embroidery and, possibly, in the near future a little weaving. Some items are formed from a combination of several processes.

My main items are - brooches, scarves, 'purses' of various types ( gadget cosies, specs cases, coin/card purses), stationery items (notebook covers etc), needlework items (needlecases, mending sets, pin cushions), card holders/wallets.

Now, at present, all my scarves have been knitted or crocheted, but I have some lovely pieces of velvet so I  shall be considering some patchwork/embroidery/applique for that 'department'. Whilst a knitted cover for a notebook might not be particularly practical, an embroidered one could be very effective. Over the next few weeks I shall be trying to fill in the matrix of items v. techniques. In particular, I have really only used embroidery on its own on brooches. I am embarking on embroidered notebook covers, needlecases, gadget cosies etc. I listed a patchwork shades/specs/ case yesterday and hope to finish a patchwork gadget cosy later today. Once I have completed the sensible permutations for my existing range of products I might consider some new items.

I'm not too sure whether this approach is going to unleash some new creativity as I consider the possibilities , or whether it will prove to feel restrictive when I wake up one morning with a compelling impulse to make something that doesn't fit into the plan. Time, and potential purchasers, might tell.


In the meantime here is the shades case from yesterday:



  1. I love the patchwork bags (all lovely shades of blue) on your Flickr site. I know these are your personal items and probably took ages to make, but I think they would sell on Folksy. (I am definitely in the market for a roomy denim-coloured bag at the moment!) I wish you luck with your plan though - from someone who has NO plan but makes what she fancies!

  2. Pat thanks for the suggestion. Those bags do seem to be popular but are time-consuming and the price would have to reflect that. I'd be interested in any one elses views on these:

  3. Sue I haven't had a browse through your folksy for a while and what beautiful stoles you've made, I especially like the pink one. Your shades case is amazing, love the warm summery colours you've used. I'm too scared to blog about my ideas and progression incase i never get round to it! You seem to possess great time management skills, as you produce fantastic, intricate work, of a high standard and often. I'm lucky if I get to my crafty corner a couple of times a week and then it's custom orders and not time to work on my own ideas - I really shouldn't grumble though, at least people are liking what I do. Marice x

  4. Hi Marice - I do try to spend a few hours everyday on craft - making and pc stuff. I had been making for about 1 year before I opened my shop. Partly trying to gauge what I could do and how much time it would take, and partly trying to find the confidence to start. This means that I have some 'reserves' ready that I can list when I haven't made anything for a day or two. I am doing winter/Christmas items 'in the background' at the moment - I don't want to be trying to catch up in October. So II'm split between Christmas, current, and promo-type tasks.

    And the state of my house? Let's just say there is room for improvement!

  5. ...well I'm sure no one has died wishing their house was cleaner lol ;0) (that's what I tell myself when the housework comes to a halt)

  6. Hey LynLyn ^_^ I have some idea.. um..
    - crochet necklaces
    - cuffs / bracelets
    - magnets
    - ring
    - belt
    -drawstring bag
    - coasters
    ... I think thats all I can think of. Maybe type crochet, knit, needlework, in front of the words and search it up on folksy and see what others had made. ALrighty, I am done putting my two cents in. Bye Lyn Lyn