Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Our First Strawberry..

...... of 2010!

Our garden is not very big, but we do like to grow, and particularly harvest and eat, fruit and vegetables. At present, we have onion, broad beans and herbs outside. Peas, more beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and capsicums inside (the peas and beans soon to go out). We have had a lot of apple, cherry and plum blossom this spring, so fingers crossed. There was not quite so much pear blossom, but we had a good year for pears last year. We won't get any raspberries this year since we have just replaced the canes. Black currants, red currants, and gooseberries usually do well - saw fly permitting. (I don't normally like killing things but saw fly larvae are an exception - I don't kill them directly but I am very happy to evict them!).

Then we have the strawberries. Since our space is limited we don't have many plants, but we do like to extend the season as much as possible and then we can add the fruits to fruit salads etc. In addition to the plants in one of the raised beds, and a few in the bottom of the fruit cage, we have three strawberry pots in the greenhouse. Our first strawberry ripened yesterday. Now there are four of us ........ My husband dutifully found a sharp knife, and with all due ceremony, solemnly cut it into four. It wasn't very large to begin with, but that quarter had so much flavour!!!

These two baskets are, hopefully, OK outside now since we need the space in the greenhouse. I know white flowers against a white wall seems an odd choice - I'm sure it will be fine when everything else matures - those little plants have a very long flowering season - we hope!

Back to craft. Now this link is really dreadful, in the worst of Radio 2's tradition. My mother used to describe a certain pink colour as 'crushed strawberry'. I'm not quite sure why, since, in my experience, crushed strawberries are first red then brown. Anyway, you've guessed it, the main colour of this bag is a pink which my mother would have so-described. (I warned you the link was dreadful!)

The central panel of this bag has been constructed from 'strip-patchwork', which has then been embellished with hand-sewn ribbons and hand-embroidery. The side panels are embellished with vintage white and cream buttons applied to the textured squares of the fabric. The bag is fully lined and closes with a 'sliding toggle' on ribbons around a vintage wooden toggle. Coordinating wooden beads decorate the ends of the ribbons.


  1. More raspberries and cream i think?

  2. Mmmm strawberries and raspberries. . .
    Fiona @ Christals Creations

  3. hope you had a quarter of a pot of cream each with your quarter strawberry?

  4. I couldn't get the photo of the bag on your blog at all, but I looked on Flickr and there it was. Beautiful! Congratulations on your first strawberry as well!

  5. Sorry Sue, I just realised that little rectangle is a link to your Folksy shop and found all the lovely photos of your bag on there. That is a very reasonable price, by the way and I am sure if it was for sale in the High Street it would be at least double that. It is gorgeous!