Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Snail and duck race.


Take one Brownie pack ( 12 Brownies only last  night!)
Pour pink champagne (cranberry juice and lemonade- obviously)
Make fancy hats ( folded newspaper with collaged embellishments)
Arrange Brownies in 3 teams.
Each team cuts a duck shape from yellow card (using template)
Each team cuts a snail shape from brown card (using template)
Each shape is mounted onto the 'front' of a cereal box (so that it sits 'boat-like' on the floor)
A piece of string (measured to extend across the floor is securely fastened to each box (Tie round a pencil inside box and poke through hole)
For each snail tie other end of string to pencil and tape in place.
For each duck tie other end of string to fatter cylinder ( One of our other leaders had kindly left some lengths of drain pipe in the cupboard - goodness knows why!)
Each team races their snail by winding the string round pencil to draw the snail towards them from the other side of the room - snail moves very,very slowly (Brownies not very dexterous).
Then repeat with ducks and drain pipes - ducks move faster!!
Marker posts (cones) mark stages at which team members swap with winder.

I only wish it was possible to show you some photos. Hats were brilliant! One Brownie was heard to say she preferred real champagne!!!! Everyone was rivetted by the races. (Except Mum's who were waiting for too long outside and didn't seem to get it when I apologized about the snails taking too long).

A fun and cheap evening.

Who was it on Folksy that asked what we do in our 'spare' time.


  1. Haha, hilarious! Must try that with my Brownies some time! Though we have 30, so would be a bit harder...

    Sounds like you had as much fun as them :)

  2. The funniest part was when Snowy tied the other end of her duck to my snail by mistake. The Brownies always look completely puzzled when we get the giggles. They don't seem to think we should enjoy ourselves - picnic on top of a 'mountain' next week. Their request!

  3. Thats fab. I loved it when I was Tawny. Miss my 16 but we had to move for hubbys work. We were always in giggles and the girls were always looking at us as though grown ups were just wierd!

  4. Yup I know that look the "What are you laughing for, you're not supposed to be having fun!"

    We're doing our disability awareness badge at the moment, and we're off to terrorise the local shopmobility centre on Saturday!

  5. One of our Brownies is a wheelchair user and many of the Brownies are at school with her, so they have become accustomed to thinking about mobility issues.