Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It could have happened anywhere!

The weather last week-end was better than forecast. Our 13 year old daughter was camping with her guide group and our 16 year old was 'helping' with a cub scout cycle camp. With only a few weeks until his GCSEs I did hesitate a little about letting him go. However, much as I would like to think that he would have studied hard all week-end, if he had been at home, I know that he would have done very little. I wanted him to show some support for the organising leader who has given my son a lot of his time, and , whilst I thought he might be of limited use in helping to supervise the cubs, he is very good at fixing bikes. So it turned out and I was pleased he had been of use.

Unable to go far with nobody else to name as an emergency contact, we actually camped a few miles from our son. We didn't see them and they didn't know we were there. We had a relaxing time and some pleasant walks.

We collected our 16 year old on Monday afternoon, intending to drop him at home and then collect his sister. In the event I took him to A&E and my husband went for our daughter. Son has bruised or possibly cracked ribs - they don't bother to X-ray if the chest cavity is intact and the lungs are OK - apparently! Nothing to do with cycling he ran at full speed into a 'tall tree stump' in the dark whilst chasing the cubs round to wear them out before bed time! LESS THAN THREE WEEKS BEFORE HIS GCSEs!!! He went to school yesterday but didn't cope well with the pain. Now trying to arrange with school a 'reduced' timetable so that he can go in for shorter days and concentrate on any outstanding work and essential revision. Have spent most of the day trying to get someone at school to call me back whilst trying to determine what the priorities should be for home study. I can cope with physics, chemistry, biology and maths - that's my area. I could probably be of some help with French. However, English Lit, which I hated, and history, which I had to give up for physics are a mystery to me.

Horrible day! Worried about son's studies, no time for craft, irritated by inability of school to contact concerned parent and no time to write more interesting blog - my apologies!


  1. I do sympathise. You try to do the right thing and you still get nowhere! Hope your son is not in too much pain, had a friend who cracked her ribs coughing and she was really suffering. You can only do what you think best and your craft work and we bloggers will still be there. Still I can understand your irritation as well!
    Jenny x

  2. Why do things happen at the most crucial time? Hope that he feels better soon and that he does well in his GCSE's. Stay positive