Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Picnic and Promises.

In Guiding we are celebrating our centenary. In Brownies, the girls learn to take part in planing their own programme, learning how to reach joint decisions by discussion and voting, and learning to accept the choices of others. We have a '100 wishes' chart at the centre of our pack's celebrations. A matrix of 10 x 10 squares, each one containing a personal challenge or a particular activity.

One of these challenges was to exchange postcards, of a local scene, with 100 other Brownie packs. We are falling some way short in this. Any other leaders prepared to get their girls to write a few lines in exchange for a similar message from us please get in touch with me.

Another challenge was to 'have a picnic on top of a mountain'. Although we live in Wales we don't have a mountain as such on our immediate doorstep. However, a country park has been formed from a 'slag heap' from one of the mines in the area. A sculpture at the top commemorates our area's mining tradition, and there is a wonderful view in all directions.

We took our parachute and a soft ball, had our picnic and played games. Our four newest Brownies then had their promise ceremony and became full members of the pack. A simple evening out in the fresh air learning about our heritage and having fun!


I have always enjoyed using ribbons in my craft work. I have some weaving planned and some further patchwork projects. For the moment I have found time to list this simple roses brooch in summer pinks.



  1. I'm sure my Brownies would love to exchange postcards! Sounds like a great idea! :)

  2. If you send me your email address I can pass it on to the Brownies I used to have before we moved.

  3. Hi If you send me your email via my Folksy shop(LoveHector) I will pass it on to my friend who runs the local Brownie group