Thursday, 13 May 2010

Last Day of School

Can you remember yours?

In all honesty - I remember leaving primary school and sixth form, I don't actually remember my last day at high school.

Anyway, today is the last day of normal high school for my 16 year old. He hopes to return for A Levels. He is nursing injured ribs, looks as scruffy as ever, despite my best efforts, and looked a bit lost when he left for the bus this morning. He can sometimes find change very hard and a lot of the people he has been in school with, some since the age of four, will be following a different path next year. It does seem strange! There is a presentation this evening, before which I need to tidy, find emergency tea, drive to same school to collect 13 year old from music lesson, try to find some presentable clothes for myself etc.

Started to make new embroidered brooch at 8.30 am. Two lengthy phonecalls, one mislaid roll of bonding tape, one mislaid spool of yellow silk embroidery ribbon, one camera tripod with jammed fixing screw, son's tripod with missing quick release plate, and slightly shaky (hopefully OK for now) hand-held photos later and my latest landscape brooch is listed. Hope you like it!


  1. I remember going in to collect GCSE results but I don't remember my last day.


  2. Yep! ( well actually it was 'O' Levels in my day)!

  3. 16 year old is back. Shirt is autographed as expected - Unfortunatelt face is also 'embellished ' using a combination of board marker - comes off with alcohol hand gel and permanent marker SO FAR DOESN'T COME OFF WITH ANYTHING!!!!!! Anybody want a 16 year old??