Monday, 24 May 2010


......... Abbey ( not water feature).

Carrying on from my web-footed friends on Thursday's blog, our favourite campsite in Yorkshire is just about 1 mile from Fountains Abbey. I had wanted to visit since I was a child. The following pics come from my compact camera so please excuse the quality.

I haven't time to write much now but these notes are some of my lasting thoughts from this visit

Scale of ruins - All hand-crafted in the most real sense!

Economy - Part of an international Church community and economy with European travel common

Self Sufficiency - Fishing lakes, Sheep and all vegetable and herbal crops home-produced.

Power - sufficient to challenge the monarch - for a time at least.

Site - Carefully chosen - sheltered, flowing water, agricultural land.

Beauty - the site, the ruins,and what must have been!


  1. What lovely pictures. I grew up in Harrogate, so Fountains wasn't far away and I have lots of happy memories of days out and picnics in the grounds. I also distinctly remember sheltering in those cellars during a downpour - very nostalgic!