Sunday, 16 May 2010

I've been a bit distracted!

I had decided to be quite disciplined in my approach to making new items, whilst privately wondering how long it would last. I was doing quite well with a number of pieces of embroidery part finished and a needlecase and notebook cover nearly complete. Then Chumley posted  about a destash sale and I popped to look. I bought some organic merino - I love the colour. I then started thinking about felting/embroidery/weaving??? Then  I noticed some lovely batches of fabric and had to make myself look away - I really have too much fabric anyway. I then started thinking about some of mine which I had not seen for a while, and, in searching for it, found lots of other pieces I'd forgotten about.

Eventually, I completed the machining of a patchwork strip which will, when hand embroidered, form the front panels of two duffle bags, as featured in my Flickr stream. The shades are lilac and plum and there are a couple of lovely silk fabrics. I'm not sure I can persuade myself to part with both of them, but one will eventually appear on Folksy.

I now need to climb into the loft to get a spare rucksack for 16 year old. I had thought he had finished with his school one, which had almost become unusable, so I saved the buckles and binned the rest. Apparently he needs one for the next two weeks. Not a problem - I have a spare, but the spare is dangerously close to an old suitcase and my old college trunk. Both are full of fabric and I still have not found the piece I was looking for yesterday. I'm not sure if it is up there but I can almost guarantee that I'll get distracted again!

In the meantime I have managed to finish this needlecase which was part of my plan - so all is not lost.



  1. Hi Sue, paying you a return visit! When we moved I cleared out loads of fabric I'd had for 20 odd years and not used. Of course, as soon as we moved I wanted it for something, good advice to hold onto everything! Di x

  2. The needlecase is lovely Sue, but I know exactly how you can get easily distracted by looking at old stuff. We are cleaning out the loft at the moment as it is being re-insulated tomorrow with a view to flooring it later on. There are boxes of books, photographs, wool (and TWO flower presses) that I had forgotten about, now awaiting my perusal, lol!

    Look forward to seeing the duffel bag, but still waiting for the blue patchwork one!

  3. Hi Pat. I keep thinking about that patchwork bag. To me, its charm is in the variety of the patchwork and the quilting stitches. It was done over several holidays and a period when I was spending many days hospital visiting. I didn't really keep count of the hours, but I think a very conservative estimate would be about 50. I'm not sure how to scale this down without spoiling the design since even patchwork and quilting on one side would be 25+ hours! I'll keep working on it.