Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Easter Bunny Hunt..

... well actually the intention was to have an Easter egg hunt but my local shop offfered me foil wrapped bunnies instead this year.

Now something of a tradition for the last Brownie night before Easter. I hope for nice weather since our Scout hut (our meeting place too) is not very big and hiding places are limited. Even the 10 year-olds can't reach very high, and the obvious places usually get over filled. Last year I had to place objects, which we didn't other wise need, round and about to create 'egg hiding places'. Then there is always the problem of not retrieving all the eggs which have been hidden - they usually turn up eventually, but not always found by the Brownies and not always in a fit state to eat!

Last year I bought the eggs as soon as they appeared in the shops, put them away at home and then couldn't find them again! ( We are short of storage space here and I try to pretend that the bags and boxes under the stairs are not multiplying and are not Brownie-related!). Anxious not to repeat last year's mistake, I thought I would wait for a few weeks - only to find my choice has been restricted to bunnies.

I try to make the process take as long as possible, and place emphasis on the fun of hiding as well as seeking the bunnies. I divide the Brownies into two groups and one group hides the bunnies whilst the other group is 'somewhere else'. This is where good weather becomes almost essential. Our hut consists of one main room and a very small kitchen (also store rooms and loos). In order for 12 Brownies to hide the eggs in the main room the other half of the pack need to be in the kitchen or preferably outside. Last year was bad weather and squeezing 12 Brownies and two leaders into the kitchen was more of a challenge than finding egg-hiding places for the other 12 in the main hall! Anyway, the hiding and seeking cycle being completed, we reverse the roles and repeat. Only then do we permit any consumption of chocolate! Its so hot here today we may be in danger of eggs hidden outdoors actually melting.


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