Saturday, 24 March 2012

A sunny day.....

..... my parcel of hand-dyed felt and lace, from a fellow Etsy seller, arrived very promptly yesterday and a garden chair, with a cuppa and my work basket beckon. My 18 year old now has a revision timetable on his bedroom wall - a little lacking in detail at the present but its existence is a little miracle. 15 year old is naggy having stayed up to watch all of Sports Relief, and then got up for percussion practice while her brother is out 'mending a climbing tower'( as you do when you're a Scout Leader). I think her homework is up to date. So, if I can turn a deaf ear to the younger one banging doors and try to dredge some recollection of 'A' Level chemistry from my memory for the older one - a reasonable day should be had. (Although we have got the tedious Dof E expedition food shop to do - we wander round the supermarket with a notebook keeping a log of the calories we have accumulated for each day - increasingly difficult to find calory-rich stuff nowadays)(I have also promised to try and get my stash of yarn etc under control - have decided to use vacuum-pack bags for duplicates or yarns I don't plan to use soon. Quite a spectacular reduction in volume - I may even be able to sneak some more in! I had best pack/shrink a couple more bags )

Both kids are busy with Scouts tomorrow - so hopefully some relaxing stitching. I may pop back to show you the results.


A few hours later....

The first embroidered brooch from the hand-dyed, vintage lace - mentioned above:

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