Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Trip to Shrewsbury..

.... was the solution we agreed upon to Yesterday's dilemma of 'what to do with a Saturday'.

Only about 45 minutes away from us and yet somewhere we tend to drive round, rather than visit. I was half wanting to watch the rugby, but I gave in to the idea of an afternoon out.

A traditional market town, with lovely architecture - one or two 60's buildings in the 'wrong places' excepted - Shrewsbury still has a lovely atmosphere. I'm not really someone who likes large, in-door, piped music, piped air, artificial light, all shop-fronts-the-usual-chains, sort of shopping centre. Shrewsbury has one and, on popping in in search of a loo, we were faintly pleased to see so many empty shops. The lovely network of side streets, with a beautiful patchwork of buildings - timber-framed, black and white onwards, has many lovely individual shops. We spent a couple of hours strolling around - we should have taken the camera. A couple of birthday gifts and some Easter gifts were purchased. I couldn't resist a yarn shop and bought 5 or 6 six balls - all different - my small items don't need large quantities!

Unfortunately, the car radio was turned on for the 6 pm news. Our daughter had managed not to reveal the match results - the BBC were less considerate - at least it was good news. A quiet evening was spent knitting a purse, which may remain mine, and which will be felted and embroidered (when I have finished the knitting). I only obtained access to the TV at about 11pm - so watched the match then.

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