Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Vintage lace...

... inspired my latest brooch.

Not what I was looking for in the 'lace drawer' but having re-discovered it, I knew how I wanted to use it. You can see the results in Lynwoodcrafts' Etsy shop.

A day of catching up after the day before beckons me. I set of to file an untidy pile of paperwork yesterday morning. I flicked through some insurance documents as I came across them, found some details were not as I expected, and, after a lengthy phone-call, spent a couple of hours seeking alternative cover. Not how I would have chosen to spend yesterday but, finally, a happy outcome. I seem to have found a much more comprehensive policy (and cheaper too!).

The pile of paperwork still awaits, and other jobs are accumulating but, a little afraid of uncovering more administrative glitches ( I hate paperwork - other than the craft-medium variety), I have persuaded myself that I needed a little more of a chill-out morning. Not usually possible on Tuesdays due to preparation for Brownies but someone else has offered to take the lead tonight!

Off to 'put' (cram, persuade....) the lace back into its drawer. None of my storage facilities seem quite adequate!

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