Thursday, 22 March 2012

Garden Inspiration

Our garden is far from perfect. The forget-me-nots are not supposed to have seeded themselves into the edge of the path against the side of the raised beds, a properly pruned rosemary bush would not display all these delicate flowers ( we do have a cutting which we intend to swap for the huge one - when we get round to it) and I had to move the old toothbrush, which was loitering in the herb bed, before photogaphing the hyacinths. 'Toothbrush in herb bed?" The herbs are planted facing more or less south alongside our garage wall. Two fruit trees are trained against the wall. The apple tree has been troubled by woolly aphid and the plum tree by some un-identified bugs which appear from over-wintering about now and start multiplying. We don't use chemicals in our garden so the remedy for these pests has been brushing with a toothbrush - particularly now, when I'm not at risk of damaging the blossom and consequently our fruit crop. Each tree has its own brush, in case I introduce the aphid to the plum tree - although the trees are so close I have sort of assumed that they just prefer apple!

The quality of the photos has also suffered from my reluctance to faff around with the tripod. The images will serve me well as inspiration for embroideries.

There are several flowers here which I have not yet attempted in needlework, but the daffodil, jasmine and heathers have appeared several times.

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