Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Recycled Pincushion....

...... but first I wanted to tell you about our Easter egg/bunny hunt. The weather was kind to us and the bunnies were hidden outside. I was carrying out one or two tasks inside when a Brownie was brought to me with a splinter on the end of her thumb. I think she had said something like 'Snowy I've found a splinter'. I looked at it and told her she'd be going home soon and should show Mum. She looked doubtful and I told her we are not allowed to use anything that is not in the First Aid box - but said I would check for tweezers - knowing I wouldn't find any - we're not allowed to go poking about in children's thumbs! I repeated that it would have to stay where it was and she should show Mum. "Why Brown Owl?" Well I'm not allowed to remove splinters and its stuck in your thumb isn't it? "No. I've just pulled it out of my leg!!" Not for the first time I marvelled at how easy it is to get at cross purposes with young children, and some adults for that matter!


And now my pretty and practical little pincushion from recycled materials today. A plastic bottle top for the base (I hate sending them to landfill whilst recycling the rest of the bottle). The fabric for the covering is a re-purposed child's T-shirt. A liberal sprinkling of embroidered daisies, some lace trimming and a ribbon bow complete the design:

This has been listed in Lynwoodcrafts Etsy shop

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