Friday, 23 March 2012

Miniature bags

I have always had quite a fascination with miniature craft items. Scaled down furniture etc for dollshouses is not really my sort of thing, in terms of having a go myself, but I love to see other peoples' work. Tiny items of needlework usually require 'tiny materials' - fine gauge thread/yarn/needles, finely woven fabric, tiny buttons and beads. One big advantage is that a 'project' bag or box, enabling work on-the-go, or whilst having a day out/week end away camping, fits into a small bag. Miniature projects also appeal to my love of recycling and using precious scraps of fabric, reclaimed beads etc from my 'family archive' of materials - now going back three generations.

As a child, I was given a beading loom and painstakingly followed the patterns included - producing a reasonably passable beaded amulet bag necklace - I still have it somewhere - perhaps this will find its way into the family textile/craft archive for the future! Bead-weaving produces lovely results, but is not really a craft which I enjoy. I have been experimenting with stitching some tiny amulet bags or purses. I enjoy producing hand-made cord and, in this way I can produce a means of suspending the amulet which 'blends with/grows-out-of its construction - in the same way that a beaded necklace might be used to suspend a beaded amulet.

I am becoming more enthusiastic about one or two ideas as I type.

This is my first amulet bag, in the form of a charm, to be listed on Etsy (off to rummage through my stash of lace etc....)

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