Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Start of the Week end....

...... or the end of the week before?

Saturday's seem to have one or other of these characteristics, largely depending on the week we've had and the plans of our two teenagers. Last week was a little hard going at times. None of us has been feeling completely well, we have had a couple of extra evening meetings thrown into our usual schedule, 15 year old has been sitting some exams ( including her first proper GCSE paper and accompanying a friend in the friend's GCSE music exam), and we all feel quite tired.

Our 18 year old went out to help with his Scout group as usual last night, before going on (late) to a friend's 18th. I should feel quite pleased with him, he did his voluntary work first and wasn't too late back. Already 18, he seems to have got the hang of drinking for enjoyment but not to excess - quite an achievement for an 18 year old these days. He was quite 'chatty' when he got home but was sober enough to help pack the disco away first. He's now down at our local Scout campsite - refreshing his skills in setting up and helping to supervise the various activities - abseiling etc. Now, if we could only get him to study in between these other worthy pursuits we would feel as though all our parenting efforts had been worth it.

I haven't seen his sister today yet - she really is quite tired. Since we were on taxi duty for our son at around midnight, and again this morning , we're tired too.

All-in-all today feels like the end of last week to me. I would be quite happy to catch up on some housework and sit and watch the rugby this afternoon. My husband is trying hard to make today feel like the start of the weekend. He wanted a long day out walking, but I really haven't enough energy. Plan B is an afternoon out - probably into the evening. Our son is camping tonight so we don't have to collect him. Our daughter will not want to walk with us, accompany us on a scenic drive ( I must admit I try not to burn fuel for the sake of it), or anything else we might suggest. (She does walk - with her Explorer Scout Group but NOT with her parents!!! - hopefully she'll return to being pleasant company in a year or two!). I'm stuck in the middle again, and not too sure how to keep everyone happy.

Another cup of tea, set the rugby to record (in case I'm not here), and find a craft book or two to browse I think.

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