Friday, 16 March 2012

Blowing the dust off.....

...... and trying another tactic!

OK - I still haven't managed to get back to regular blogging. I always seem to feel I should have 'something in particular' to say and spend too long thinking about the possibilities to get anything done. I have decided to try a 'diary' approach, sort of 'Twitter ++', with more profound or interesting things thrown in if anything occurs to me.

Trying to recover from a virus-type thing with following throat infection. I keep thinking I've beaten it and then it comes back. We only had about 1/2 a voice between us at Brownies this week - almost had to resort to sign language. 18 year old is struggling to recover, spent a few hours in A&E on oxygen last week (2am onwards - obviously. Seems to be some sort of rule that we don't get there during daylight. We are having an on-going 'discussion' about his Scouts commitments this week end - he is supposed to camp but I want him to sleep - he's just missed 10 days of school and I daren't look but I'm fairly sure A2's are only about 12 weeks away).

Back to my world of craft! My Etsy shop now looks respectably stocked with around 100 items listed. I am enjoying the embellisher machine which I treated myself to earlier this year. I still hand finish the felt which I produce but I love the effect which I can get from 'stripes' of yarn. It does speed up the initial part of the process of producing a background. I keep thinking that I should lower the listing prices slightly as a result - no wonder I'm not rolling in money - I have to keep reminding myself that my aim must be to recover the money I spent on the machine.

A few of the backgrounds that I began yesterday  - 'seascape onshore', 'seascape off-shore', 'cornfields', moorland.......

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  1. Beautiful colours! Hope you're getting over the virus a bit better....sounds like a nasty one I had a few years back, couldn;t breathe at all! x