Monday, 2 April 2012

The day after an expedition....

.... and whichever child has been involved is tired out, naggy, has a trail of half-unpacked stuff around the house (definitely part of their experience and, therefore, their job not mine!) and we all end up behind with the day's task. Apparently they did not encounter any 'fierce' cows this time, but she did complain of a sore left ankle, had to extract thorns from her left wrist and had assorted bruises. Her feet were OK - the benefit of good socks and boots, but she has sore patches on both shoulders and both hips from carrying 18kg or whatever it ended up as. Again all part of the experience and I have been, as usual, unsympathetic!

One or two more photos from our trip to the Lleyn on Saturday:

Having spent the first hour of what should have been stitching time this morning, trying to find the webbing straps used for securing bikes onto cars - this time son's bike onto his mate's car - hope said mate remembers his car is now wider by about 30 cm each side! - I have  finally managed to complete two brooches. This one is now listed at Lynwoodcrafts at Etsy:

and this one will shortly be appearing at Lynwoodcrafts' Folksy shop:

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  1. Beautiful photos of the Lleyn peninsula, Sue! One of my favourite places in Wales...or possibly the world! Very pretty brooches, I love those cheerful poppies. Liz x