Saturday, 7 April 2012

Learning Styles

Our house is not large enough at present. My son is approaching his final 'A' level exams and his sister, in year 10, is begining GCSEs.

Our son learns best by 'doing', reasonably well by seeing or reading and not at all well be hearing - mainly because he seldom listens! His sister loves art and music and to that extent learns by 'doing', but she learns effectively by reading and listening too. My son, when he is reading, needs perfect quiet and no distractions. His sister needs to practice the flute, sax AND drum kit! If we go away in our camper van for the weekend, our daughter takes books with her and does homework whilst we cook supper. She has been known to learn/practice her Welsh aural whilst travelling home - from a univesity open day for her brother - who did no work at all while we were there. Her brother seems unable/unwilling to study in the camper van or his tent and makes the week-end off our fault for insisting upon him going with us.

Our daughter will be disappointed with anything less than an 'A' in any of her subjects. Her brother would have been disappointed at GCSE with less than an A in maths or sciences but wasn't particularly bothered about anything else. His aim at 'A' level seems to be to hope for the grades required by uni rather than aim to do his best. Although in some ways their results days will come all too soon, in other ways I'm afraid it will seem like a long summer - for us at least!


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