Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A restful day...

... a little too much stitching was undertaken yesterday! I didn't think that was possible!! I finished a bag which has been niggling away in my mind for some time. I first made a 'prototype' a couple of years ago and didn't like the shape - that one was entirely felt pieces and, otherwise, a more traditional example of crazy patchwork. I have kept it as a reminder of 'things I wanted to change' - but did not like it enough to use it. The next version - which I have used occasionally, was a different shape and traditional crazy patchwork. Then the arrival of my embellisher machine. Such a wonderful toy - er .. I mean piece of equipment. Sorry - I've lost my thread now - just answered the door to the postman - (why has my son left a very smelly pair of wet boots in the porch and why didn't I find them before someone called?)- a delivery of more lovely felt (recycled from plastic bottles and bought from The Felted Rainbow's Folksy shop). This felt makes an ideal backing for the embellisher. Now I'm itching to clear the table and set the machine up again. Perhaps a bookmark or an embroidered cuff today.

Yesterday's bag - entirely hand-stitched - I won't be doing much without a thimble today! I should have given in and searched it out yesterday!!