Friday, 13 April 2012

Creation or Production?

Items from Lynwoodcrafts are unique. Each item is individually made and no two are ever the same. I hope the variety gives interest to my shops. I hope to look afresh at everything I make and hope that the individuality of items helps to maintain a high standard. I'm not sure that I could continue with a few repeated designs without losing an interest in my 'products'.

However, my items are products! I greatly enjoy embroidery and love to combine embroidered designs with other needlework skills. I get pleasure from showing people my designs and I love to have your comments. I must try to remember, though, that my items are 'for sale' and that it is a good idea to be reasonably efficient with my time in order to see some profit.

I hope I have achieved this by listing these two brooches. The 'same design' but on different backgrounds - produced from the same piece of hand-made felt, but cut from different parts of the pattern.


  1. both are very pretty, and to me are very different, the bottom background looks much bolder to me, love all your stuff :)

  2. Very beautiful! Its why I love the element of handmade, no two pieces are ever the same, they are unique and individual. I love these!
    Sarah x