Monday, 9 April 2012

This was beautiful yarn...

.... and I wanted to knit something from it. It feels lovely and the colours are equally soft and gentle. It took a little while to knit - although the process was a great pleasure; then it was fulled or felted to give a closer texture and improve the strength of the item, lastly I embroidered the top - a lilac coloured rose posy to coordinated with the heather colour in the yarn. A pleasure to make, a pleasure to show you and I hope someone will find it a pleasure to use. Not exactly a cost-effective production process from my point of view but a small craft business is never just about profit.

I love this purse. I hope it will find a new home in which someone else will value it, but, if not it will continue to give me pleasure as I shall use it myself!

Inspired by this shape, and happening across some chunky wool intended for felting, I spent much of yesterday knitting a small shoulder bag. A 'stretched' version of the same pouch shape. The top is finished with a reversed stocking stitch roll just beneath which I intend to embroider a garland of roses - another very pleasurable project which I hope to show you in a few days!

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  1. This purse is sooooo pretty, I love it, have just bought it and will thoroughly enjoy using it!:)