Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Re-visiting earlier designs

.... 'there is nothing new under the sun'  - one of my Grandmother's well-used expressions. Whilst knitting the little purse, having recalled a shape I had used for a shoulder bag, the shoulder bag and one or two of its  siblings came to mind - or at least the merits of the various yarns used did. Information retrieval in my memory seems to work in strange ways. Other folks find themselves remembering events/times from smells, sounds... as do I. I also find the tactile experience of knitting - yarn that 'splits' annoyingly and needs great care, those yarns which are not evenly spun, those that work well on 'finer than recommended' needles - but make my fingers ache....... Remembering the knitting of several bags, but not their finishing, I rummaged around in a blanket chest - didn't find them but did find some almost-finished crazy patchwork. Then found the bags in another bag, near my yarn horde. Mused for a while about how to embroider them, and ended up knitting a new shape, which better leant itself to the embroidery design I had in mind.

This was listed at Etsy yesterday, now - what shall I do with that crazy patchwork and how shall I finish those other bags?

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  1. I like revisiting old ideas too, with new skills or ideas acquired and mixed it can lead to interesting things :)