Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Beginnings.

I am not very 'green fingered'. I used to be a little better and had a very large collection of African violets which I enjoyed propagating. I think my problem arose from the building of our conservatory. In some ways it seemed the correct place to grow in-door plants and was certainly somewhere that I hoped to display them. In reality, although in shade from mid-day onwards, it is often too hot and in the winter, too cold, and probably most significantly, a little too out-of-sight. A couple of hardy vines are persisting but some other favourites have given up.

Orchids are a little different. Very fussy in some respects, and certainly not lovers of too much sun, however, they do prefer a little neglect and can certainly be killed off by too much attention. My husband occasionally treats me to a flowering orchid plant. The flowers last for ages and are good value in that respect. We had long given up hope of any of them returning to flower - most have not survived long enough.

Consequently, I was thrilled to find this flower spike. Goodness knows how the poor plant has produced it but I shall leave well alone until the flowering is over:


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  1. Lovely pincushion and great photo with the matching pins! When our orchid flowers I always think it must be a cry for help - I'm terrible at looking after plants.