Thursday, 19 April 2012

My son's favourite shop....

.... or it would be - if the contents were more modern. The cycle shop at Blists Hill Victorian town.

This was the first shop which we peered into. After a potter along the high street we ate a packed lunch on the bank of a canal facing the tileworks. We were entertained by some ducks and some huge fish. My son was distracted by the operation of winding gear nearby and was trying to work out whether it was actually lifting anything, whilst my husband was keen to visit the photographer's. I had spied several displays of vintage signs which I wanted photos of. A great choice of a day out - we all found something to interest us.

The pharmacy was fascinating. The counters displayed many boxes and tins. Blackcurrant pastel tins were familiar. I have a couple - one in which my Dad kept upholstery needles (I'm not sure why he had them - unless it was for car upholstery), and another in which I remember stamp hinges being kept. Bone-handled tooth brushes, glycerine, various creams and potions and a display of hand-made soap - lavender, jasmine, water lilly (I'd not encountered that perfume before) and my favourite (I bought a bar) rose. The electric shock machine was more than a little questionable. We could have spent an hour or so in their but there was so much more to see.


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  1. I went there years ago on a school trip, was very interesting and I'd forgotten all about it! Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. So did I - many years ago- its changed a lot!